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  The Town: Capilla del Seņor  
There are towns like Capilla del Seņor, which despite not being the scene of historical events of national importance or relevance possess monumental architectural, urban areas are significant formal cultural cohesion make them valuable benchmark for regional memory.

The historic character is due in particular to the fact that trought a unique blend of culture and nature, representing lifestyles and urban environment that testify the relationship between past and present and are promising harmonic continuity in the future.

The integration with the adjacent field, the architectural types have persisted because of the stability of the estability of the requirements and construction techniques, the gradual addition of new elements and the unity of the whole chapel make a relevant example of the pampas and replica watches populations such national acquires meaning.

It is these aspects that have considered especially the executive to declare, by Decree N° 1648 of 21 September 1994, either of historical interest to the town of Capilla del Seņor.

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